Super Guitar Licks was founded in September of 2012. Our mission is create and present the best quality guitar instruction videos to people interested in developing their guitar skills.

Superguitarlicks re-invented the way people approach lead guitar with its groundbreaking “Licks, Licks Licks” soloing course. In addition it offers several other progressive technique courses as well, ranging from basics like string bending to workshops in altered chords.

Members benefit not only from the courses, but also a steady stream of new content always being released. They also receive emails with tips on a broad range of guitar related topics.

For those just getting their feet wet with learning online, the “Soloing Essentials” course provides a good place to start.

So if you’re ready to start learning more quickly than you ever thought possible with the most well thought out, step by step videos out there prepare to embark on your journey with Superguitarlicks.