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What Other People Are Saying…

Super Guitar Licks is the real deal if you are willing to practice what they have and follow their instructions, you will most definitely learn and see a real change in your playing. I learned some stuff, that last week I wouldn’t think i could do. If you haven’t tried it do so, you’ll be glad you did!

Lou Deangelo

I liked the way the interface of this website looks. It’s pretty simple and distinct.

The lessons are effective and easy to comprehend. I think the teachers are great and these lessons are gonna work! Plus I liked the idea with backing tracks for jamming.

Michael Korshikov

Thanks for the tips you send out. You have a great website and I am really building on my guitar playing as a result of it.

Frank Cordaro

Hey Mike, just wanted to say thank you for the backing tracks. I don’t have a lot of spare time and getting together with other guys just doesn’t happen anymore. The backing tracks is just what I need to feel the thrill! I haven’t had calluses on my finger tips in 20+ years. I do now!

I’m a product of the 80’s rock genre and I absolutely love the jams! Keep doing what you do! Old guys like me really appreciate it! It’s just a piece of my youth that I can reach back and touch!

Ricky Willis

Get Ready To Open Up The Fretboard & Get Out Of “The Box”

Expanding The Fretboard

This series of lessons will show you how to use the major pentatonic scale to expand your range of playing on the fretboard and repertoire of licks. Features Include:
  • 5 In-depth Video Guitar Lessons
  • Being Able To Easily Create Tons Of New Lick Ideas
  • Teaches You How To Shift Between Scales
  • Illustrates How To Build Long Sequences Of Licks

The very first scale that most people learn on guitar is the Minor Pentatonic Scale… That’s because it’s the King of all guitar scales! It works great to solo and jam with over just about any style of music.

However once a player gets it down really good, they end up feeling trapped or “boxed in” because it’s all they know.

This course is designed to get you out of that box and extend the amount of notes along the fretboard that you can use to solo and jam with. This will in-turn multiply your repertoire of licks that you’ll be able to play by leaps and bounds!

Learn How To Use More Of The Guitar Neck When Soloing & Jamming

One of, if not the most, powerful aspects to playing guitar is that it is a VERY pattern oriented instrument. When you learn one specific pattern, lick or phrase, you can move the pattern up or down the neck so that you can use it in different key signatures.

The focus of this course is to start with our Minor Pentatonic Scale pattern, and add on to it, the Major Pentatonic Scale pattern.

Because we’ll be showing you how to use these two patterns in relative key signatures, all the notes you play when you combine the two patterns together will continue to sound great and “work” over whatever you are jamming or soloing to.

This concept is super powerful because it will expand your understanding of what’s possible and how you can start using more of the fretboard to find and develop new licks and phrases that previously might not have been obvious to you.

Of course we will be giving you a whole bunch of lick ideas to start out with, but the real fun comes when you start thinking “outside” the box pattern you’ve been use to and see how, without much work, you have a whole new way to develop your own voice!

So Why Will This Course Work For Me???

When we survey guitar students and ask about what they want from a guitar learning program… the most common feedback we get is:
  • A Step-By-Step Approach To Learning
  • Easy To Follow Videos
  • Good Lighting & Clean Up-Close Camera Angles
  • Accurate Guitar Tabs and Backing Tracks To Practice to

With Super Guitar Licks We Focused On What Our Students Asked For And Created It!

We took the time to create all of the above and more!

All of our courses and programs are organized and taught in a Step-By-Step approach so that you develop your skills in a sequence that makes sense and builds upon your abilities as you get better and better!

One of the problems with trying to learn guitar online is that there is SO MUCH information, videos, blogs, articles, etc.. usually NOT organized in any clear manner.

Super Guitar Licks cuts out all of the noise and chatter and gives you a straight path to learning the skills that each course is designed for.

Super Discount Price

Just… $7

Normal Price: $49

Save 86%!


Instant Online Video Access
(Super Guitar Licks Is Not Currently Available On DVD)

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