Want To Learn How To Rip Killer Solos On Guitar?
FREE Soloing Essentials Course Teaches….

How To Play 5 Awesome Licks That Are Guaranteed To WOW Anyone!


This quick and easy online course will teach you 5 New and Rockin Licks: “Essential Blues Rippin”, “Essential Rock Rippin”, “Pedaling The E String”, “80’s Rock Rippin” and “Spanish Flavor”

Each lesson is complete with an step by step video to fully illustrate how to learn and play the licks as if you wrote
them yourself. Also includes free bonus Tabs and Backing Tracks to practice along to!

Plus… Get Access To Dozens Of Helpful Guitar Lessons On Improving Your Playing And Soloing Skills!

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What Is Soloing Essentials All About?

Soloing Essentials Is All About Getting You Hooked On How Much Fun You Can Have Learning To Play Fun And Exciting Solos On Guitar!

You might think that anything with the word “Essentials” in it is going to focus on mechanical, boring and elementary
ideas and exercises… This couldn’t be further from the truth!

The Most Essential Element To Soloing & Playing Guitar Is That You Are HAVING FUN!

And… getting excited as you hear yourself play things that sound really awesome! With Soloing Essentials, we cut out all
the boring fluff and monotonous practicing exercises and shoot straight for the jugular by teaching you…

5 Guitar Licks That Are Guaranteed To WOW Anyone!

While this might sound intimidating if your brand new to guitar soloing and lead playing, Don’t Worry!
These licks have been crafted using simple yet powerful phrases that are used in some of the most popular solos ever and teaches them in a way that a total beginner can learn and master with only a minimal amount of effort.

Also, these 5 licks utilize The Most Popular Soloing Techniques that you will use time and time again in both learning your favorite solos as well as when you go to create your own killer leads. Sure… we could hook you up with a free guitar course that sits there and teaches you boring, unmusical exercises that are great to practice over and over again. But Who Has Time For That???

We Know You Want Two Things As Soon As Possible…

  • To See Results
  • And Have A Lot Of Fun Learning & Playing Guitar!

After teaching guitar for Decades and working with literally Hundreds of individual one-on-one students… The creators of Super Guitar Licks know one Very Important Fact about being successful as guitar instructors…

If We Don’t Get You Hooked And Having Fun As Soon As Possible… You Won’t Want To Continue!

We understand this better than anyone and it has been our underlying focus in creating ALL the guitar lessons and programs in Super Guitar Licks and since Soloing Essentials is going to be your “First Impression” of us… We’ve made darn sure that we deliver the goods and get you Rocking as soon as possible.

So Let’s Talk About What You’re Going To Learn In Soloing Essentials…

It starts off with a lick called “Blues Rippin“

There’s no better place to work on building your soloing chops than with The Blues… And our lick called “Essential Blues Rippin” is going to teach you how to sound like a true master of this genre. We’ll focus on building core techniques such as bending, hammer-ons and pull-offs as well as soulful vibrato to bring this lick home!

Next you’ll learn “Rock Rippin“

This lick is set to a backing track called “B Minor Blues Rock Groove” and is going to teach you some of the most quintessential rock licks that you’ve most certainly heard in your most favorite guitar solos. We’ll be teaching you some great alternate picking techniques as well as some soulful bending licks that all come together to get your fingers moving and your feet stomping

Up next we have “Pedaling The E String“

This lick utilizes two powerful guitar playing secrets that will certainly help you stand out from the crowd with your playing. The two secrets are Pedal Tones and Playing In The Key Of E. Why are these concepts so powerful? You’ll find out when you get into the lesson!

Then we’ll bounce to “80’s Rockin Lick“

The 80’s era truly sprung a movement to make a scorching guitar solo the most exciting and anticipated parts of a song. This lead to Tons of self-indulgent, hyper extended, and truly hair raising licks to be created. This lick has a bunch of the most essential elements to good old hair metal styling… and we’ll be breaking down everything in close detail to make sure you are able to master these ideas.

Finally it’s time for “Spanish Flavor“

There’s so much more to awesome guitar soloing than just the Pentatonic Scale. In fact one of the most popular questions we get asked by students is “what other scales can I use when jamming and improvising”? Our absolute favorite scale to introduce is the Minor Scale… And one of the best styles of music to use it with is something with some Spanish flare. So in this lesson we want to teach you a lick that pulls all these ideas together and it’s called “Spanish Flavor”.


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