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Super Guitar Licks is your one stop shop for learning to become an awesome lead and soloing guitar player! To get a better idea of what’s in all the programs and courses, we’ve included a summary below.

As you’ll find…There’s something for everyone at all skill levels and styles of soloing

Here Are All The Programs In Super Guitar Licks…


Licks, Licks, Licks
“The Pandora’s Box To Lead Guitar Playing”

box350pxpng Our flagship course designed to take a total beginner through a specific sequence of lessons that will develop your knowledge and ability to learn guitar soloing from the ground up. Here are just some of the features of this program:
[list style=”greencheck2″]

  • Over 2 Hours Of Video Guitar Instruction
  • Teaches You 50 Individual Guitar Licks
  • Exact Tablature For Every Lick With Picking Patterns!
  • Backing Tracks To Go Along With Every Lesson

[/list] The real power of this course is that it’s structured to build upon each lesson which starts with very short and simple lick ideas and phrases and builds up to training you on how to play more in-depth and complex phrases.

Expanding The Fretboard
“Getting Out Of The Pentatonic Box”

dvd350pxpng This course picks up where Licks, Licks, Licks leave off and shows you how to use the major pentatonic scale to expand your range of playing on the fretboard. Features include: [list style=”greencheck2″]

  • 5 In-depth Video Guitar Lessons
  • Being Able To Easily Create Tons Of New Lick Ideas
  • Teaches You How To Shift Between Scales
  • Illustrates How To Build Long Sequences Of Licks

[/list] Many guitar players feel trapped or “boxed in” after they master the Minor Pentatonic Scale. This course is designed to get you out of that box and extend the amount of notes along the fretboard that you can use to solo and jam with. This will in-turn multiple your repertoire of licks that you’ll be able to play by leaps and bounds!

Core Techniques
“The Guitar Players Essential Tool Box”


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Core Techniques is designed to make sure you have the proper training on The Most Vital and important skills to master on guitar. Within this program are 5 individual course which focus on the following techniques: Power Chords, Bar Chords, Using A Metronome, Alternate Picking, Hammer On & Pull Off, and String Bending. Within this program you will learn: [list style=”greencheck2″]

  • How To Develop Speed With Dead On Accuracy
  • Learn Efficient Picking Techniques Enabling You To Play Tricky Phrases
  • Make Your Playing “Sing” With Advanced Bending Skills
  • Master The Chord Shapes Used In Virtually Every Song You Hear

[/list]The lessons you will find in Core Techniques are in-depth and exciting to work with as they focus on Implementing everything you learn into your playing right away. The goal is to make sure that you are not just playing and using these techniques… but Perfecting Them!

Whiplash Guitar Secrets
“How To Turn Heads With Your Playing”


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This program is going to focus on teaching you the most important Advanced Techniques you need to develop which will give your playing “That Edge” that makes people notice your not just some Joe Schmo fiddler. The program focuses on developing these 3 advanced skills: Sweep Picking, Tapping and Harmonics. After going through these lessons you will: [list style=”greencheck2″]

  • Learn The Most Efficient Picking Techniques Possible
  • Use Two Handed Tapping To Create Flashy Solos
  • Integrate The 4 Different Types Of Harmonics Into Your Playing

[/list] It’s time to stop being boring and unexciting in your guitar playing and this program is just the thing to help you stick out from the crowd!

Guitar Styling Essentials
“Fundamentals To Playing Over Different Styles Of Music”

600pxpng Guitar Styling is all about teaching you how to play guitar in specific genres of music. It’s made up of 4 different courses which are: The Bluesman’s Basics, Jazz Beginning For The Rock Guitarist, Extended Chord Workshop & Chord Progressions For The Big 6. Here are just some of the skills you will acquire from this program: [list style=”greencheck2″]

  • Learn Different Shuffle Rhythms For Blues Playing
  • Be Able To Use Exotic Chord Voicings To Spice Things Up
  • Understand What Makes Different Styles Of Music “Tic”
  • Build Your Jazz Skills With What You Already Know As A Rock Or Blues Player

[/list]There are so many aspects of becoming a great guitar player that are not just about playing fast crazy solos… The goal of this program, and all the lessons it contains, is to expose and train you on all the important skills, techniques and abilities that any great guitar player should know about and be able to do. 

Soloing Essentials
“5 Licks Guaranteed To WOW Anyone!”


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Online Video Lessons

This course is going to teach you 5 unique and exciting licks that will catch the ears and attention of anyone that hears them! You will also be developing some crucial technical skills such as: Artificial Harmonics, Speed Picking, Timing, Whammy Bar Tricks and Hammers and Pulls. Some of the features include: [list style=”greencheck2″]

  • Step-By-Step Video Instruction On How To Play All The Licks
  • Jam Tracks To Play And Practice Along To
  • Learn Brand New Licks Never Heard Before!

[/list] All of these licks are “Open Ended” which means they leave you room to inject your own creativity into the lick and use them to build out your own style and your own voice!

All About Effects
“A Beginner’s Guide To Awesome Guitar Tone Enhancement”

binder2-250pxpng Let’s Face It… Guitar players LOVE effects! They add awesome textures, emotions and life to an otherwise dry tone. There are literally thousands of different effects, stomp boxes, rack gear, floor boards and equipment you can buy.So to cut through the fat, we are going to break down what all the Most Important and Most Popular guitar effects are so when you are ready to add some to your setup, you’ll know EXACTLY what to get and why.You will also gain an understanding of which effects YOUR favorite guitar players use and how you can mimic their sound without spending a fortune!

The Six String Music Theory Handbook
“A Music Theory Reference Guide For Guitar”

binder250pxpng When you really want to not just know, but Understand what’s going on “under the hood” of music and what makes it tic…This in-depth guide will tell you everything you need to know and best of all… How it relates to guitar! You’ll be exposed to advanced methods for Learning Scales, Modes, Chord Structures, Mode To Chord Relationships, And Key Signatures For The GuitarYou can consider this the “Meat Minus The Fat” music theory guide for guitar!

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