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Practicing Effectively For Quicker Progress – Part 2

3) When you are done you will have some parts that are circled 3 times, others 2, others once, some not at all.

4) The ones that are circled 3 times are your most challenging. Plan on practicing those first and more often. Ones with 2 circles are second priority. Those with one may have just been a fluke but practice them anyway. If its not circled just ignore it.

Applying The Right Amount Of Pressure To The Strings

The way that notes are produced on the guitar is that pressure is applied to a string at a point near the frets,causing a shortening of the string length that vibrates and finally a change in pitch. On the simplest level you need only apply enough pressure to push...

Playing Tip: Keep Your Fingers Near The Frets.

The fret is the point that the string vibrates against to produce a note. If there is extra string between the fret and the point where your finger pushes down the string it is likely that the string between your finger and the fret can cause a “buzzy” or “muffled” sound. If you are having trouble getting your notes to ring “clearly” try this tip.

Preparing For Your First Jam Session

1) Choose players with the same ability level as yourself. This way you can grow together as musicians and improve along with each other. Don’t let your jam session to turn into you teaching someone a lesson. Don’t frustrate someone else by slowing them down and making them wait for you to figure out whats going on. Don’t let your jam session become a licks trading session. Finding an appropriate match of talent level is best for everyone.

The Importance Of Daily Practice

You’ll find by picking fixed intervals of time to practice a certain idea it will keep you from getting stuck on one thing for two long and have no time left to practice anything else. Also it will help you be disciplined enough to do something perfect repeatedly after you have it down pretty good when the natural tendency is to move to something else right away.

Alternate Guitar Tunings

Alternate guitar tunings are both interesting and useful. You can create a whole different sound just by tuning the guitar Differently. Most often alternate tunings are used in folk, bluegrass, traditional blues and slide and sometimes rock guitar

The Classical Music Influence On Rock Guitar

The most obvious example of this would be the neo-classical movement of rock that took place in the 80’s. Artist like Yngwie Malmsteen composed whole albums of classical-inspired metal. There was characteristic borrowing of composition form such as preludes and suites. Also similar to classical musician’s performance, shows of virtuosity are a staple of the genre. Other guitarists such as Jason Becker performed classical compositions on like “Paganini’s 5th caprice” on electric guitar. Yngwie Mamsteen played “Bach’s Boree in E minor” as part of his solo. “Flight Of The Bumblebee” was another classical piece covered by a lot of shred guitarists.

Some Chord Practicing Tips

By playing on the tips of your fingers you it will be easier to sneak you fingers in between two strings when you need to fret a note in the middle. Of course this does not apply to situations when you need to bar several notes but otherwise consider it a rule to stick to at all times.